How to Participate in the Project


The Sweden-India Project is designed for people in social and care-giving professions:

Social work students, students of legal sciences, students studying social pedagogy, teachers - to - be, nurses, students doing minor field studies (MFS), researchers, et cetera.


An introductory letter approximately one full page with personal and professional experiences and backgrounds, should be sent to either your field work coordinators and/or to Mr. Anders Jonsson.
Formal merits (including professional merits as well as personal interest in this project) will be looked upon individually and preferably, if need be, with references by at least one person.
The letter must reach on or before
End of September - early October for spring semester group &
End of March - early April for fall semester group
You will be informed if you are selected.
There are totally 18 seats per semester.

Other formalities:

  • You must find out the orientation course dates (mid May / mid December) from your field work coordinator. The attendance is compulsory for this course.
  • There are two components to the fees for this project    


  1. Supervision fees which is normally outlined by your university and also paid by the university.

  2. The organization fees that goes to the training organizations and individuals in India. These fees must be paid either by the students or to be borne by the University. The payment must be made during the orientation course.

Fees- both supervision & organization - will not be refunded once student attends the orientation course.