Project Team


Lakshmi Kumar
Indian coordinator cum supervisor.
Professional Training:
LAKSHMI KUMAR is a Cross Cultural Training Consultant specializing in cross cultural training for international assignees in new cultural settings. LAKSHMI KUMAR is a Cross Cultural Training Consultant specializing in cross cultural training for international assignees in new cultural settings.

She is a certified cross cultural Training Consultant for Cartus, earlier known as Cendant Mobility Intercultural Services and Language Culture Worldwide (LCW). She has trained International assignees from U.S.A, Australia, UK, Sweden, Canada, Japan and elsewhere on cross cultural competence and business processes.

Detailed Biodata
  lakshmi kumar


Swedish University Field Work Coordinators:

1. Carina Thorn

Course Coordinator
Department of Social Work
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Carina Thörn is a lecturer and course coordinator for international field practice at the Department of Social Work at Mid Sweden University. She holds a Master degree in Social Work and is a certified social worker. Her years of work experiences are in the field of children and families.
Carina is responsible for the students who choose to do their field practice abroad. She is holding supervisor courses for social workers both in Sweden and abroad. She also leads discussion groups for students, focusing on students' personal and professional development.

2. Anna-Kerstin Hydén

International Coordinator
Lund University
School of Social Work
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Organization Involved In Training

1. Bharatiya Vidya Peeth

A deemed University with multi disciplinary academic centre. YCSSR is the social science centre for research and training in Social work.

2 . Muktangan De-addiction Centre
Residential Rehabilitation centre for substance abuse.
Website :

3. Institute for psychological Health

Community Mental Health initiative, started in March 1990,on the outskirts of Mumbai, in the city of Thane , This initiative of making the community aware of its 'Mental health needs', providing plans & solutions and involving community members in projects and activities is novel and path breaking. It is a place offering a wide range of services and activities for all age groups. A place where a team of dedicated professionals and community volunteers work hand in hand and new members from community get valuable education and training.
Website :

4. Grammangal

Gram-Mangal is a registered voluntary Organization in Maharashtra , India . It was established in 1982, by the eminent educationist and social worker, late "Padmashree" Anutai Wagh, and Prof. Ramesh Panse. When these two activists, along with a few other volunteers, entered the tribal area near Maharashtra-Gujarat border, the village of Aine-Dabhon was in dire straits. Let alone the "luxuries" like electricity and basic education, there was no drinking water available! The two activists started thinking about how to gradually transform the village into a self-reliant community.
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5. National Centre for Advocacy Studies

The National Centre For Advocacy Studies (NCAS) is a membership based social change resource centre that aims at strengthening rights based and people centred advocacy, so as to empower people who are struggling for the creation of a just and humane society.NCAS works with social action groups and professionals, as well as public spirited citizens. Though the focus of its activities is India and the rest of South Asia , NCAS is emerging as a premier centre for rights based and people centred advocacy in the Global South
Website :

6. Aalochana: Womens' study Documentation Centre:

Centre engaged in various documentation, training and campaign work related women's issues, rights and campaign.

7. Open Space :

Open Space encourages debate and action on rights, justice and sustainable development. Open Space is an initiative of The Centre for Communications & Development Studies (CCDS) aimed at strengthening civil society and mobilising citizen's action.

8. People's health Organisation :

Engaged in empowerment of sex workers, awareness and campaign for their rights.

9. Community Aid Sponsorshoip Programme:

In 1975, the Community Aid and Sponsorship programme extended educational and other necessary support to children from poor families, especially girl children. It is now the largest organization in India , with a roster of over 75,000 sponsored children to date.
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Lecturers & Resource persons

Ms. Sudha Cannan


Ms. Sudha Cannan heads the Public Systems Practice at Ma Foi. She has fourteen years of experience post her Masters in Commerce (Personnel Management) and Diploma in Journalism.

Her specializations include closely associating with CEO's and Decision Makers of organizations and successfully support in turning around companies. Her core competency in Training is Self-management, Personal Effectiveness and Stress management. She was the Project Manager for the Ma Foi Management Consultants training association with the MHSDP, the pilot project of the Maharashtra State Government Health Systems Department in association with the World Bank in sensitizing the Health Service Providers in selected Rural Hospitals to customer needs and service orientation, besides team building, networking and leadership skills and motivation. She was a part of the team that worked for the Organizational Capacity Analysis of the TamilNadu Health Systems for the implementation of the World Bank project in TamilNadu. She now heads the replication of the MHSDP project in 17 district hospitals in Maharashtra .

She has recently done a program for the Tamil Nadu Police Force – a pilot project on introduction of the concept of Station Reception Officers in all Police Stations in Chennai. She trained 102 of these officers in Customer Relationship, Role Understanding, Communication Skills, Motivation, Responsibility etc.

Susan Bullough-Khare

Susan Bullough-Khare received her educational training in England where, in addition to teaching she also worked as an Occupational Therapist in a psychiatric unit and a House Parent in a children's home. For more that two decades, she lived in Ireland where, in addition to raising two sons, she ran the Intercultural Education Programme for the Kerry Education Centre and worked as a freelance consultant specialising in Arts and Cultural Education.