SWEDEN-INDIA Project – January 2016

 swin india jan2016

Sweden-India Project is a cross cultural training programme in social work. Students from different universities of Sweden choose this training programme and have field visits, seminar and  group conferences  to understand Indian social work, social problems,  intervention strategies and methods at individual, group and community level. While they go through this programme, culture becomes framework in which they study the above. They are here on 15 week field study. They are doing their undergraduate programme in social work. The programme has 7 semesters. They are either in their 5th or 6th semester. They will get 15 credit points on successful completion of this project. This project started in 1994. Currently 3 universities are participating in this project. So far, approximately 800 students have gone through this training.  

Following students are participating this semester.

Stockholm University:

  1. Christoffer Svenberg : From Stockholm University.
  2. Tove Grahn : From Stockholm University. She was on an exchange program with Kenya . She works with local super market in her spare time and this gives her an opportunity to meet people. She is keen on understanding differences and similarities between two cultures and its ways of solving social problems.
  3. Julia Torstensson : From Stockholm University. She has travelled to India before abd enjoyed the culture and diversity here. She has been working for UNICEF and SOS Children’s village but from a distance sitting in Stockholm. She didn’t get the real grip of the problem nor relate to real good work from such a distance. She is deeply interested in International social work aspects.
  4. Emma Forsstrom : from Stockholm University. She is curious to learn about social work and about herself in a new cultural environment.  Knowing there are different ways of solving problems apart from the western way is a way of experiencing this filed work.
  5. Josefin Persson - Studies in Stockholm University. She wants to see how social work may look like in other cultures. She has worked in Swedish Social Insurance agency as an administrative officer to work with people from different background. This experience has taught her how to communicate with people and solve issues together. She is also interested in International social work.

Orebro & Mid Sweden University:

1.       Emelie Hansson : from Mid Sweden University. She has worked a lot with tourism. She has worked in Spain and in ski resorts. She also started a pan cake café which helped her develop leadership and responsibility. She has travelled mostly in Europe, USA and once to Asia.

2.       Tsenat Haile : From Orebro University. She has roots in Eritrea. This has given her important perspectives in cultural differences. She wants to experience how India tackles with its social problems , especially with women and violence, women’s rights etc.

3.       Nadja Salejh : from Orebro University. Born and raised in Sweden . Her parents are from Ethiopia. Hence both cultures have influenced her growing up years. She studied Psychology in New York Columbia University. She wants to understand how India addresses its social problems.

  1. Maja Borjesson : From Orebro University. She is curious to learn about social work and about herself in a new cultural environment.  Knowing there are different ways of solving problems apart from the western way is a way of experiencing this filed work.

5.       Lava Safaeldin : From Orebro University. She works at a youth centre. She worked as personal assistant for a young girl with autism. She comes from Kurdistan . This gives her perspectives about her world and about Sweden.

6.       Josefine Sandberg: From Orebro University. She views this internship in India as once in life time. She wants to learn about social work in another cultural context as Sweden is becoming multi-cultural. This knowledge would equip her for future role as social worker.

7.       Haben Abbay : from Orebro university. Family comes from Eritrea.  During summer time, she has worked as a social worker meeting people. She wants to understand how system works in India to compare it with Sweden.

8.       Alwexandra Talani : from Orebro university. She has worked with Swedish migration agency. She worked with asylum seekers She understands what it is to flee home, come to another place losing families in war. She also worked in accommodation for people with disabilities. She works with people with cognitive disability who have committed crimes and have psychiatric care and support needs.

9.       Sewit Seghiddotter : from Orebro University. Parents immigrated to Sweden when war broke out in Eretria. She has read lot of theories and want to understand how it works in real for other cultures.