General Guidelines / Code of Conduct

The following code is applicable to all participants during their field practice in India.

Participants are expected to strictly follow the dress code that is in tune with the local culture. Since they are visiting various organizations it is important that they don't wear clothes that are provocative or hurt local sentiments. There is also a component of safety and dignity to appropriate dressing.

  1. As for clothes, working clothes that generally cover what needs to be covered here- for work and leisure time in Pune.
  2. Dress code is an important part of your learning process. Violation of this will not be accepted.
  3. Vacation – I am not worried. Keep the house windows and balcony door closed if in your night clothes. Notorious neighbor boys can get curious and their parents can then blame it on culture pollution. These are local realities that we have to live with.


Consumption of any form of alcohol in the apartment is strictly prohibited. Drug usage of any form is unacceptable.

  1. No smoking inside the apartment or in balcony. Walk outside the building compound and puff. There has been problem in the past with many students sitting in the balcony and smoking and together it can create big heavy air.
  1. This is your place of stay. It is situated in the quiet neighborhood with lots of pensioners around. So, keep noise level low after 9.30 pm.
  1. Strictly no party plans in this place.


  1. Keep your / my address, contact number always with you

  2. Keep only photo copy of passport and visa for daily purpose.

  3. When you go out of town take original passport without which you won’t get hotel accommodation even if booking done

  4. There is a garbage container kept at the entrance to your building for garbage. Except for organic waste separation, rest of it all put in one container only.

  5. Do not flush toilet paper, sanitary napkins or hair in the toilets. Washbasin often gets choked with hair balls.

  6. Each one of you been given key for apartment. Keep it safe. If you lose it then lock to be changed and 9 +2 keys to be made. It is an ordeal.

  7. Do not let ANYONE into the apartment for whatever reason without my visiting card. 4 women or 3 come to fix food and clean your apartment on daily basis. Electrician –Swami will come to fix breakdowns and he may bring plumber now and then. Otherwise no one needs to get inside your apartment.

  8. Our maushis are safe to trust with your valuables and money.

  9. Dinner fixed all days except Sunday. If you as group plan , on last minute basis, to eat out or cook it yourself, indicate with a picture drawn and place it near the stove. So food is not cooked and hence wastage avoided.

  10. Dishes, apartment cleaning is done all days in week. She will not clean toilets and wash basin, not wash clothes.

  11. Every time you leave the apartment, as a group, ensure all taps closed, all lights and fans put off. It will later reflect in huge bills. Pune has been facing huge water and power shortage. You may have to consciously remember to check this.

  12. As for getting friends home, get the rules clear within the group so there is no sense of intrusion.

  13. During vacation or after the project, the apartment is available for you to stay but not for any visitors.

  14. Always let someone in your group know where you are - especially if you are going to far away place for parties.

  15. Except for mid-term break, you are not allowed for week end getaways. These are meant for rest, report writing, seminar and reflection.

Attendance to projects and seminars is compulsory. Report writing is an integral part of the project. Preparations and presentations for seminars should be of high quality in terms of its content and analysis.