Project Objectives

THE SWEDEN-INDIA project aims for participants to be educated in critical global citizenship, capable of becoming agencies of larger social change.

The general objective:-

CAPACITY BUILDING FOR CROSS CULTURAL SENSITIVITY AND COMPETENCE. The personal and professional objectives are interwoven in specific goals.


  • Increase awareness and understanding of how culture influences individual and organizational behavior.

  • Apply skills and instruments to improve intercultural communication.

  • Explore one's own culturally related values, attitudes and behavior.

  • Get new perspectives on culture work (specifically social work) and how it is done in another country, culture, situation.

  • Provide safe space for students to engage as border crossers.

  • Challenge and remap cultural knowledge to minimize biases and stereotypes.

  • Experience personal growth through a process of intense interaction with people.

  • Compare Sweden and India on levels of similarities and differences for better cultural integration and understanding.

  • Find some opportunities to develop and sharpen skills in communication, cooperative living and learning, training in conflict resolution and positive group dynamics.

  • Develop a global perspective on social issues.
  • Reduce ethnocentrism.

  • Create a distance from one's own society, thus developing a sense of "objectivity" in social analysis.
  • Influence social policy makers to strengthen ties between India, Sweden (and - eventually - rest of Europe).