SWEDEN-INDIA Project - Aug to Dec 2012

Sweden-India Project is a cross cultural training programme in social work. Students from different universities of Sweden choose this training programme and have field visits, seminar and  group conferences  to understand Indian social work, social problems,  intervention strategies and methods at individual, group and community level. While they go through this programme, culture becomes framework in which they study the above. They are here on 15 week field study. They are doing their undergraduate programme in social work. The programme has 7 semesters. They are either in their 5th or 6th semester. They will get 15 credit points on successful completion of this project.

This project started in 1994. Currently 4 universities are participating in this project. So far, approximately 700 students have gone through this training.

They visit urban, rural, tribal community projects dealing with problems related to economically, socially marginalized communities and groups. They attempt to understand these dimensions at micro and macro level. Seminars and group meetings are designed to make this learning, observation relevant to Swedish and other International social work program.

Following students are participating this semester

  1. Petronella Wadle: 20 years old from …. University. Worked as a personal assistant to woman with disabilities, at a circus school as instructor, training children for gymnastics and other circus activities. Studied pedagogy and basic emergency care.

  2. Eva Snow: 28 years old from  Mid-Sweden  University. Worked as a chef for 11 years. Worked in kitchen cooking for disabled children . Lived in Japan and Ireland. Wants to see how systems function operate outside Sweden and use this perspective to enrich her learning.

  3. Ulf Jonsson: 30 years old ,From Orebro University. Specific interest in international social work. Travelled extensively around South America and Asia. Studied Human Geography. Interested in Community work in social work in International context.

  4. Amanda Zaunschirm: 24 years old From Orebro University. Born in Maharashtra and adopted when 1 year old to Sweden. Wants to gain wider perspective to social work in other cultural context. , how different theories are used in practical work.

  5. Kristina Liv: 26 years old from  Stockholm  university. Studied to become a nurse and changed track. Worked with elderly rehabilitation, health centre and psychiatric clinic. , people with autism. Interested in other cultures.

  6. Kristin Uusitalo: 24 years old from  Mid-Sweden  university. Travelled in Europe, visited children’s orphanages. Worked with elderly care , had first field practice at a company that offered courses for staff on stress management , mindfulness and conflict management in working groups.

  7. Sara Danielsson: 23 years old from Mid-Sweden university. Works as a care giver for disabled elders. Worked in day care centre and youth worker in Swedish church . Studied CSR . Travelled a lot around Europe, Jordania, Australia and Thailand. Interested in handicraft, music , religion . Had first practice in a investigation home for girls aged 12-118 with different diagnosis and problems with criminality and drugs.

  8. Siri Rinnesjo: 23 years old from Stockholm University.  Worked as Nanny, personal assistant for a young mentally and physically challenged boy. Works as a volunteer for an organization that supports exposed girls and women. Interested to work with young people.

  9. Sofie Helgesson: 23 years old, from Linkoping University. Studied Health care programme and came to India for study visit. Worked with elderly care and personal assistant for people with disability. Sports coach for children with physical disabilities.

Group B

  1. Hannah Karlsson: 25 years old from Stockholm University. Worked with youth groups, people with psychic disabilities, school informant for sexuality education , school camp leader, volunteer at young women’s empowerment centre.

  2. Evelina Lillerskog: 24 years old studying at Stockholm University. Studied politics with focus on social justice and gender equality. Taught children and worked with elderly care.  Travelled widely world around.

  3. Kaisa Torbjorn: 26 years old from Stockholm University. Has experience with elderly care and pre-school care. Very interested in gender equality , social justice for groups marginalized. Children and youth are her interest groups.
  4. Amelie Friberg: 30 years old from Mid Sweden  University. Worked as psychiatric care assistant for children with severe mental illnesses. Volunteered for the Save the Children organization. Likes to write and do digital illustration, graphic design for different projects.

  5. Filippa Widen:  25years old from  Stockholm University. Travelled and lived abroad both in Brussels and London. Has worked with children . Has been a horse riding instructor . Working with people with psychological disabilities.

  6. Isabelle Wall: 26 years old from Stockholm. Studied journalism. Worked as secretary at Stockholm administrative and migration courts . These courts deal with Social Services Act  and also specifically for care of children.

  7. Lisa Lindgren: 23 years old from Mid-Sweden University. Wants to work with social work abroad and see cultures deal with the social problems specially with underprivileged children.

  8. Frida Nordlander: 20 years old from Mid-Sweden University. Works with a group that wanders around city at party nights to help youth groups and meet youth from different age groups. Studied social science with economics and visited Tanzania. Want to meet people from different cultures and social situations.

  9. Anelie Hakansson: 24 years old from Mid-Sweden University. Wants to work with social work abroad and see cultures deal with the social problems specially with underprivileged children.